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Vocational Rehabilitation

Career Exploration

Utilizes a wide variety of vocational activities to help identify areas of employment interest along with associated strengths and concerns, and this service can include job shadows, informational interviews, labor market surveys, and other job related experiences

Community Based Work Assessment

Occur at integrated employment sites, individually developed to match one’s vocational interests and needs

Targeted Vocational Assessment

With a specific work goal, this service looks at skills and tasks necessary for success in the desired employment setting

Job Search Assistance

Limited job search assistance to initiate and help facilitate one’s use of community resources in their independent job search

Job Development & Retention

Offered as part of an individual’s Vocational Rehabilitation services - Job Developers will search, obtain, and help clients maintain employment stability through a 90-day retention period

Portfolio / Job Search Skills

Creation of a Master Application, a professional resume & cover letter, interview skill building, mock interviews and interview prep and support, thank you letters post interview overview

Job Coaching

Provides necessary prompts, behavior supports, assists in developing natural supports for long term success and working with employer to ensure client success

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Provider Services

Individual Supported Employment - Job Coaching

Assist and maintain individualized employment stability in an integrated setting in the community

Individual Supported Employment - Job Development

Support to identify and obtain a job in an integrated employment setting in the general workforce


A person-centered, comprehensive profile to discover strengths, interests and abilities. Includes work related activities to discover strengths, interests and abilities, including volunteer positions, and work-experience positions 


AWS has a transportation endorsement and is able to transport clients to and from their work site

Employment Path

Training and skill development for general or non-job-task-specific strengths and skills. To improve an individual’s employability in the general workforce through learning and work experiences or volunteer opportunities

“with a little guidance and given the chance, everyone has the talent and skills to become successful”

At AWS, we are helping to get individuals to achieve and become what we know that they can. Not everyone can see the potential in individuals that experience barriers, but we do! We know that with a little guidance and given the chance, everyone has talents and skills that can help them become successful in the workplace. 

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