Advantage Working Solutions

Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation and ODDS Service Provider

The mission of Advantage Working Solutions is to enable those experiencing a barrier to employment due to a disability.  Our services help increase independence and vocational identity.

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Putting the clients’ needs first… 

“Advantage Working Solutions always puts the clients needs first! The agency can and does work outside the conventional thinking box when needed and view barriers to employment as opportunities and strengths rather than obstacles. They provide top notch job development services to everyone they work with! Our program and students are proud to work with Advantage Working Solutions!”

Steve Baer 

Transition Teacher, Community Transition Program, Beaverton School District

“With a little guidance and given the chance, everyone has the talent and skills to become successful”

Jill Fischer 

Program Manager

“Helping our clients take an important step in their lives…”

Being with Advantage Working Solutions has been a truly wonderful experience. The most rewarding part is helping our clients become comfortable and confident in what they do. Encouraging clients to form bonds in their community while helping them feel great about the work they are doing. 

Tara Cook - Lead Job Coach

“ I can rely on AWS to be dependable and reliable.…”

I really appreciate the quick response time when I call AWS. They get us scheduled for services quickly and that means my clients get back to work sooner. It's nice to know that I can rely on AWS to be dependable and reliable. They really care about our clients.

Wednesday Martin  

Roseburg Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

“There is nothing more rewarding for me than seeing a client’s face of excitement and joy when offered a job…”

I stepped out of public service as a Guidance Counselor and Special Educator in education, and working as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor. For over 25 years I’ve been asking, 'what gets people excited and ready to go each day?' I finally answered my own question. The reward for me is seeing a client’s face of excitement and joy when offered a job, with one exception: them receiving their first pay check. Tears of joy make what we do everyday, as the bridge to the world of work for our clients, the ‘why’ of what I do.

Eric Stone - Portland Metro Program Manager

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